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Mitten Appreciation....

I was the lucky winner of your mittens from the silent auction. I LOVE them and would love to buy more as Christmas presents!

Rachael, what a sweetheart you are to gift me with these incredibly beautiful mittens!  I'm just blown away.  I loved seeing what you were doing, a year or two ago when I saw you making some, and I longed for some at that time   The idea of them, too:  that somebody can have some made out of a precious article of clothing that someone dear once wore.  I think it's wonderful you do this. -Jan

Mary has called twice, and sent this picture....she LOVES her mittens, and as someone who makes things herself, she totally appreciates the care and the precision with which they were made.  Thanks, Rachael!! -Eloise

Hi Rachael - I love my new mittens - they are great!  -Maryann

A friend and neighbor of mine (Tim ) showed me a pair of mittens you made and I was totally impressed. Any chance I could get you some sweaters from my "out going" pile to be transformed into mittens? I'd love to give them as Christmas gifts.  -Abby

I LOVE your mittens. I want to special order one for local friends....I love thinking about all the warm hands you will be keeping through the cold winter.  (later) The mittens are a GREAT hit!  Thank you so much.
Kai told me she came to show them off to you, and my going-to-Scotland friend was absolutely thrilled.  - Elizabeth

I so love the mittens you made that Elizabeth gave me for Christmas, and I'd like a pair made for a friend, maybe two.... I'm in the process of trying to snag some special sweaters from my friends - great idea.  (later): They are so beautiful - my cousin got all teary when she saw them!  Thanks again.  -Susan

I just wanted to tell you that Elizabeth gave me a set of your mittens and I LOVE them! They are beautiful.  What a wonderful idea.
Just wanted to let you know they were going to an appreciative home ;-)  -Lori

I received my mittens.  Love them!!  Thank you for the quick turn around.  -Kaile

D and J, Thank you so much for the gorgeous mittens ! I even love just looking at them !  I have a perfect spot to set them out... on a dresser underneath a mirror.... for when I am not wearing them! I will treasure these beautiful mittens.  -Susie

Thank you very much for making it easy for me to exchange and get the new mittens to her.
 I've let my sister know they will be coming!  Now I want some for myself!  -Kathleen

There is a big gray pair of mittens on display at the bank on the Square that my husband wants.  How do I go about getting them?  He has very large hands and they fit him perfectly.  I am also interested in others you might have,.I think they are wonderful.  -Diana

Yes, I got the mittens you left on our porch. What works of art. They are truly beautiful.
 Thanks so much for your generosity. The people who will benefit from the money we raise also thank you for your kindness. (later) Thanks for your donation to the Our Place empty bowl auction, which was held tonight. Your mittens went for much more than you normally charge, and they generated a lot of talk; I was listening in on several conversations about them. Hopefully this will result in some more business for you.
 Thanks again for your generosity.-John

 I had been wanting and wanting some of your mittens, and then Kelley. gave me the random gift of some! I absolutely love them. You have done such a fantastic job. They are soft, so warm, and uniquely beautiful.  I have a few people I would like to get a pair for as a holiday gift. I am happy thinking about the faces of the people who will receive your beautiful hand-made mittens!  Thanks, and again, what an incredible upcycled product!

 Really fabulous, one of a kind, artfully made, warm, cozy, beautiful mittens, created by dear Rachael Shaw, an artist and friend with a heart of gold.
Rachael can custom make a valuable, usable momento of your or your loved one's favorite sweater... or choose from hundreds of unique creations full of special interest- combinations of material, color, stitching, buttons.
Highly Recommended!  -Elizabeth

I have some and they are my absolute favorites! The best mittens! Warm, well made, beautiful, unique... And repurposed!- Sarah

Won't go anywhere without them! True Love! And the buttons are the Best! What a HUGE treat to have custom homemade mittens, so warm, soft, unique and totally styly!   -Hannah

 I love My Mittens, so warm and cozy! -Kim

I opened the lovely mittens...what beautiful workmanship she does!  I can't imagine cozier hands seems to get colder as I grow older. They will be appreciated on a daily basis.  Thank you so much! -Marcy

Thanks so much for the mittens! She loves them and they are beautiful! -Alicia

I love my mittens - everyone should have a pair or two! Congrats Rachael! -Sara

Rachael Shaw, I received a pair of your mittens as a gift and I didn't even know you made them. I love them! They are my favorites! -Verandah

These are the most luxuriously comfortable and warm mittens I've ever worn.
Thank you Rachael! -Tara .


Thank you so much for the beautiful mittens. They are fabulous! -Marjorie

Our son had bought a pair of your mittens for my husband and they are wonderful.   My husband had a problem with his hands being cold when we go for walks.  We thought he was going to have to go the electric route this year, but your mittens do the trick!  -Joan


Thank you so much for making them.  They're beautiful and I absolutely love them, exactly what I wanted.  So happy with your product!  -Brenda


So excited to be carrying these fabulous hand made mittens. Every pair is one of a kind and hand crafted locally. Perfect to keep your hands warm or the ultimate gift. - Willow Tree Boutique, Keene NH


Well made and very warm! Your mittens are warmer than any of my store purchased ones.  We both have had these mittens for a few years. They are great gifts! -Ray


Every time I wear my mittens I think of my mother and father, Wool from their clothing makes up my mittens and I feel their presence.  -Jack


Looking great!  I get compliments every time I wear mine and boy are they warm!  -Diana


I love the website and the mittens are charming. -Patricia


These mittens are beautiful, wonderfully warm.  I own a pair of these mittens and I treasure them.  -Arlene


So lucky to have a pair! -Rachel


As beautiful as always Rachael. - Alicia




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